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“This journey would not have progressed without the teamwork of our Super Team. Every division embraced the spirit of 'Gotong Royong' to ensure Lokasoka's vision and mission came to life. Together, we faced challenge after challenge until we could open a new chapter in 2024. Our goal is to inspire everyone to preserve and appreciate local products. Small and medium-sized businesses cannot thrive alone, and vice versa.”

Laras Widyaputri

CEO Lokasoka

“Throughout the year, Lokasoka has consistently experienced growth in sales while maintaining an improved quality control system. By minimizing rejection rates, Lokasoka remains dedicated to providing excellent service regardless of the circumstances.”

Usman Abdul Muluk

Growth Leader

“As we approach the end of the year, it's a time for reflection, gratitude, and celebration. Let's thank our entire team for their contributions to our success and look forward to creating new memories and goals in the year ahead!”

Ryandhika Widyaputra

Marketing Leader

“A promising start invites us to pursue and achieve significant dreams. Approach each day with determination and a heart full of hope. Don't let past failures hinder success in the present and the future. Stay motivated!”

Erliana Atari

Finance & Accounting Lead

“In every task, there lies an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication. Our work ethic is akin to a constant flame, illuminating success with every step.”

Eva Susanti

Senior Commerce Consultant

Posisi yang dibuka

Lokasoka menyediakan ekosistem kerja dengan memegang teguh prinsip gotong royong dalam menjadi agregator bisnis bagi ribuan UMKM dan klien

Finance & Accounting Intern (Accounts Payable)

Finance & HR


Sr. Sales Consultant



Jr. Sales Manager (Sales Supervisor)



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